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Wild Heart Design first started when Tara decided it was time to get off her large backside (which is being worked on now, thanks to Ballet Rip) to live life (YOLO) and make her family dreams come true.

Calvin and Tara met in 2012 at a spar in a very small village called Hilton, in the KZN Midlands. It was an odd meeting and the only reason they decided to become friends was over a slice of pizza from the pizza stand…. 2 Years later, they were married.

On Feb 2016 Calvin and Tara’s life changed drastically when they welcomed their first child- Cole Micheal Mathias into the world. At the time Tara had been working at a high school as a intern teacher and Calvin had been working for another web design company. The plan was for Tara to be a stay at home mom to bring up the kiddies but that decision was a difficult one and supporting a child on one salary wasn’t ideal. Calvin and Tara had always discussed their dreams of running their own business but could never figure out how they would get it started, especially while Calvin was involved with another company (so much for being positive)

In November 2016, Tara decided she that it was time to push for their dreams. She started with online website courses (Calvin wasn’t allowed to help her)  to learn some basic HTML and started playing around with WordPress. Practice, practice and more practice and February 2018 came around where Tara decided it was time to start Wild Heart Design (Which was suppose to be a clothing store that she wanted to originally start… psssst – we still have some plans up our sleeve here).

Wild Heart’s first client was My Tiny Teepee, a Durban based company which designs gorgeous Teepee tents for your little ones. Tara spent a couple of months getting My Tiny Teepee off the ground and after that the websites started rolling in, thanks to Olivia Fox from My Tiny Teepee, who happens to have the sweetest heart in the world.

Wild Heart took on a few more projects over the year like Homewood, Laurie Lee Design and more. It soon got to a point where Tara wasn’t able to keep up with all the designs herself and asked her Husband Calvin to resign from his other job and run Wild Heart Design with her.

This was a major WIN for Wild Heart as Calvin happened to be one of the best developers in Hilton and had 7 years in the development industry, he has experience and skills in a whole lot more then just website design and coding. He was a graphic designer as well as worked as a photographer/videographer with his previous company.

In May 2018, Wild Heart hired a intern web and app developer, Tyron Shaw who has been training under Calvin.

Wild Heart has recently just launched their new Build-a-Package system which allows clients to create their own custom quote based on the website they need created for their business. Clients also receive 1GB of cloud storage with every website package purchase to assist with managing their content and updates.

Wild Heart offers affordable web development services for small and medium sized businesses looking to make their way onto the online world, Wild Heart also offers Monthly website packages for small startup businesses.

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