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Research, research & more research – Do your research and invest in a developer you feel confident and comfortable working with.Don’t under estimate the importance of a good working relationship with your chosen web developer. After all your website in in their hands.
Simple is good! – Do try keep your content easy to read and relevant so that you don’t scare away potential clients or buyers with to much info.Don’t publish irrelevant content. Including too many links, long videos that auto-play, external ad’s and long technical “boring” content in most cases will just annoy potential clients or buyers.
Primary call-to-action (CTA) – Do make sure your primary goal of the website is easily accessible from your homepage. Whether your CTA is to contact you, buy your latest product or subscribe to your newsletter, make sure your potential buyer/client doesn’t have to jump through hoops to get there.Don’t oversell or push your primary CTA too hard. Hard selling should have died with the dinosaurs and pretty much just annoys your users… Keep your CTA’s relevant and user friendly for better UX and and goal completions.
SEO vs SEM – Do both, Search engine optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) work hand in hand and should be used together, that said if you lack the budget to run a successful SEM campaign, it is still recommended that you setup a basic SEO campaign using a well structured keyword phrase for a better organic response.Don’t drown your content with irrelevant or low end keywords. This will just muddy the water from a Google indexing perspective and make reading your content difficult for potential clients/buyers.
Everyone and their dog has a smartphone – Do make sure that your website is mobile friendly across as many platforms as possible. Google, along with the rest of the world is going through a mobile craze … So it makes business sense to make your website available to all potential users. Don’t forget to test your site on all devices and web browsers … Different phones and tablets have different resolutions which will lead to different views per device. Different web browsers also display websites differently (for no apparent good reason) so check those out too (Yes, some people still use IE8).
Get social – I think this answers itself … Social media is a brilliant way to build an audience for your service/product and should not be overlooked. Period. Don’t miss out on some extra Google juice by constantly adding new fresh content and cross linking between your website and social media accounts. Adding exciting content frequently will help you get crawled by Google Bots more often (not as gross as it sounds I promise).
Google My Business and Facebook reviews – Do use reviews… everywhere. If you don’t have a Google My Business account… get one! Good reviews help will help potential customers/clients to choose you over a competitor. Also, doesn’t hurt to add these to your website either.Don’t exclude good reviews just because they are old … Most people trust online reviews and much as personal ones.
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