5 Tips to better your SEO

5 Tips to better your SEO


5 tips for better SEO (search engine optimization) for your online business in 2017.

1. Mobile Design

Most people are using mobile devices when searching on Google. However, Google’s ranking systems are still looking at the desktop version of a page’s content to measure whether it is relevant to the user or not. This can lead to issues when the mobile version of a site has less content than the desktop version because Googles algorithms are not evaluating the actual page that is seen by a mobile user.

Google says “Although our search index will continue to be a single index of websites and apps, our algorithms will eventually primarily use the mobile version of a site’s content to rank pages from that site.”

In short, Google is going to rank sites that are optimized for mobile devices higher.

All sites built by Wild Heart are fully responsive and display the same content for both Desktop and Mobile versions.

2. HTTPS websites

In 2014 Google started a movement to try and make the web a safer place to surf. They did this by updating their search algorithms to rank HTTPS (encrypted websites) slightly higher than standard HTTP sites.

Through the years Google has been increasing the ranking of encrypted sites and now in 2017, even though roughly only 1% of websites are encrypted, 50% of organic search results on the first page of Google are HTTPS websites according to MOZ.

Going forward, SSL encripted site rankings are going to keep increasing which is why we offer free SSL certificates to all clients hosted on Wild Heart’s server’s.

3. Fewer Keywords

I know, this one sounds odd but, more often then not website pages are crammed with every keyword under the sun in the hopes of better SEO results, when in actual fact this just muddies the water and you end up losing stronger, more important keywords to competition and no business wants that.

The solution is to focus on fewer target keywords per page. For example, say you sell mens shoes and you have all your products listed on one page. Google will try to index this and see that on one page you have keywords for Mens Oxford shoes, Mens Derby shoes, Mens Monk Strap shoes etc. and will not know what to index for.

The solution to this would be to create a page dedicated to each product category so that Google knows that this is important and when searched organically.

For e.g. if someone searches Mens Oxford Shoes, your page will rank higher than someone who has a long list of different shoes on a single page.

4. Site Speed

Site speed plays a large role in SEO, but it’s not as easy as optimising a few web images. Moving to https:// and other technical changes that better your SEO can also lead to server side issues like to many redirects, 404 errors and orphaned pages, which slows the site down and destroys UX (user experience).

Making sure that a site functions perfectly after moving over from HTTP to HTTPS, removing pages or products will have an impact on your SEO.

5. Quality Backlinks

Links that point to your site from other trusted websites play a large role in external site SEO. It used to all be about quantity over quality. However, Google has updated their systems so that they can now differentiate between a good link from a bad link.

Online businesses need to make sure their backlinks come from high-quality sources for them to have a positive effect on SEO.

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